About Me

Welcome to my blog, Passports & Paperbacks!
My name is Victoria, an avid reader who finds it impossible to stay in one place for too long.


I have been living in Ontario, Canada since 2015 but I originally come from the North-West of England. On this blog, I will share with you my passion for travel and my experiences of living abroad, alongside my other favourite past time – reading!
I have an open mind when it comes to books, but there are certain genres that I tend to lean towards: literary fiction, historical fiction and classics make up a good bulk of my reading. However, if a book sounds interesting to me I am more than willing to give it a try. Expanding my reading is high on my agenda this year, so any and all recommendations are welcome.
Some of my other interests include writing (I am hoping to draft a novel of my own!) and photography. I am eager to share my snapshots with you, whether it be wanderlust inducing landscapes, or simply photos of my beloved book collection. All photography featured on the blog is my own, unless otherwise stated.
You can contact me by email at passportsandpaperbacks@outlook.com.