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Summer Bucket List


Canada is a beautiful part of the world no matter the season, but there’s something about the way the locals embrace the warmer weather that make it feel like an especially care-free environment at this time of year. With its countless lakes, downtown patio spots, and outstanding natural landscape, I feel pretty privileged to be spending the summer with all of this on my doorstep. As there are only 4 months left on my visa, I’m all the more determined to make this time count so I decided to create my first seasonal bucket list:

Drive-In Movies

Drive-In Theatres are not exactly in abundance in my home country of England, largely because of the constant threat of crappy weather. But if Hollywood is to be believed (specifically that one scene in Grease), then  catching an outdoor movie is a must-do if I am to get the full experience of North American summertime. I love the idea of throwing some blankets in the boot of the car and watching a movie under the stars, so this goes to the top of my list.

Strawberry Picking

This past autumn I had the joy of picking my own apples and baking them into a strudel, and in a matter of weeks strawberries will be in season too. I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to expand on my culinary abilities, or what little I do have, and teach myself how to make jam. My boyfriend and I have become a little bit obsessed with baking, so if we can combine it with a day spent out in the sun then all the better.

Long Weekends in Cottage Country

Last summer I was lucky enough to experience a truly Canadian past time when I was invited to stay at my boyfriend’s, family’s cottage, a quaint little place on the edge of a lake. It was truly one of the most tranquil spots I’ve ever been to, so I’m very excited to be returning this year. Suddenly I understood why Canadians don’t bother going abroad in the summer: a place to swim, peaceful surroundings and glorious sunshine are available right here.

Explore Toronto Islands

The ferry that transports visitors to the Toronto Islands usually begins operating at this time of year, but thanks to some excessive flooding it has been announced that the island will be closed to the public until at least July 31st (eeek!) I’m hoping that in spite of this, I will be able to make my first ever journey out there later on in the season. I’m eager to experience the views of the Toronto skyline, and take a bike ride around the island park.

Visit Canada’s Capital

I have been to Ottawa quite a few times, but this summer will mark a particularly exciting occasion in the cities, and indeed the country’s history. Ottawa will be playing host to the Canada 150th birthday celebrations, a milestone it feels like the country has been preparing for ever since I arrived here almost 2 years ago! But Ottawa is a great place to be all year round and there are also family members and friends of mine in the area who I can’t wait to visit. It was really a given that I would desire to return to this beautiful city in time for summer.



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