Thoughts for Spring


Spring is portrayed as a time of renewal, a time to reflect on the months that have passed and determine how the year ahead should look. I can assess the resolutions that I made in January, and feel satisfied that I am well on my way to meeting my goals, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of improvements to be made. April has been a slow month thus far, and without the excuse of travel to fall back on this time, I’ve had to admit to myself that I’m in a bit of a slump. The inspiration simply isn’t there. But rather than start spiralling, I’ve decided to make a list (I’m a bit of a sucker for lists) of things I can do to regain my motivation. At times I am bursting with creativity, whilst at others I’m convinced that all of my ideas are dreadful. But isn’t that always the way? We can’t be on top form all of the time, but luckily we can at least take steps to ensure we’re on form most of the time. These are the changes I will be making to help overcome this unwelcome lapse in creativity:

Prioritise Sleep

I’m often guilty of neglecting rest in favour of fitting more in at the end of the day, and it means that I’m often too tired to get anything done the following day. I’ve realised that it’s better to prioritise my tasks, narrowing them down to just one or two on the days that I am working, to ensure that I get the sleep I need to keep on going.

Publish Two Posts a Week

Writers block shall no longer be a valid excuse for neglecting this blog. If I need to force myself to sit down and get a post out there, that’s what I will do. I need to get over the fact that some of my posts won’t be perfect, but the point is that I am writing regularly- this was my reason for starting a blog in the first place!

Purchase a New Camera Lens

I have been the proud owner of a Canon 700D for over two years now, and whilst I feel I have developed my abilities a great deal in that time, I know there is still so much more to learn. I have also only ever used one lens, so a great step towards expanding my skill set would be to experiment with a new lens. Even the cheapest of lenses will require me to splurge a little, but it’s something I want to prioritise.

This spring feels particularly significant, for the fact that I am not only considering the year ahead, but how I want my life to look a year, and maybe even two years, from now. Decisions, decisions. Warmer weather brings with it a sense of regeneration, of greater things than seemed possible in the deep of winter, when keeping warm is considered an achievement in itself. If there’s a good time to reassess your routine, your goals, and indeed your life, it’s now.


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